Skills Of Local Handyman Services In Eden

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Handyman or Maintenance handman is the dynamic and versatile job. Being a handyman is like jack of all trades, who is possessed multiple skills and talents. Every sector has the domain of handyman in their job portfolio and so is there need. The main duties of the local handyman services in Eden include maintenance, plumbing, organizing and fixing

Handyman job description:

In the guiding light of the company`s requirement, handyman acts as minister of care for electrical, mechanical and plumbing related task. Based on their allocation their duties vary. Here are the few types of handyman job.

  • Electrician ensures the repairs and maintenance of electric equipment’s of company.
  • Plumber holds the burden of installing and upkeeping the pipes, floors.
  • As janitor, handyman is responsible for cleaning the building.
  • Being Mechanic repairing air conditioning and heating systems is another responsibility.
  • Painting doors, windows, walls, ceilings and roofs are different dimension of the work of the handyman.

Handyman skills and qualifications:

A prime handyman must posses PCM skills. PCM means, plumbing, customer service knowledge and mechanical expertise. Handyman should be cautious about his domain and in case of inefficiency, he must report to supervisor. Job demands basic educational qualification of metric level (10th level) and skills may include:

  • Soft skills include versatility, adaptability, communication, teamwork and decision making.
  • Hard skills include HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) knowledge, Repairing skills, Knowledge of common power and tools.

Handyman experience and training:

Training and experience demands could vary on the basis of job category and place of job as well. The basic diploma and its certificate in course of electrician, plumber and HVAC could be gained. General contractor license can also be used for the certificate requirement. In most of the cases prior experience is not required; however the jobs of handyman in airport could demand certain skills and expertise in some domains.

Airport handyman:

Many major players like Air India, indigo and Vistara hire handyman to fulfil regular requirements. The job may include airport loader, ramp driver, utility agent, cleaner or maintainer. The average salary of the handyman in aviation sector is of INR 15000 per month.

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