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The thai word baung, which also means a bamboo tube, got adapted into a highly westernized vocabulary and became bong. Bongs are accessories which are used to smoke weed. While the word originally did mean a bamboo tube, bongs, today have evolved greatly in design and resemble nothing like a plain old bamboo tube. Not only has the design evolved a lot, but a positive growth has been witnessed in accessibility too. Not much but only until a decade ago finding bongs was as difficult as finding weed itself if not more. However, over time a lot of factors have contributed towards making accessories like weed more accessible. Many websites and store fronts such as bubbler online store, now have hundreds of bong options for people to choose from.

What led to an increase in the accessibility of bongs?

The evolution of weed from a highly frowned upon and illegal in many places, drug into a medical compound preferred by many natural healers and physicians across the world has been a rather visible one. Members of the medical community as well as passionate weed smokers have advocated heavily for the DE stigmatisation of weed. When people started to see the true potential of weed and began consuming it more, accessories such as bongs which compliment it also became more accessible.

What is a bong and what are it’s various types?

In simple words, a bong is an instruments that holds a person’s dried weed in a bowl like structure at the bottom, and an extended pipe for a person to inhale the smoke from. The weed is burnt at the bottom and the smoke is consumed at the top. While weed is traditionally consumed in the form of a joint, much like the way one smokes a cigarette. However many people prefer to use bongs, because they believe that it makes the weed more potent and helps them experience a better high.

Earlier, bongs used to instruments that had elaborate designs and required a lot of time to be set up. However like every other popular product, more enhanced versions hit the market gradually. Today one can find the most elaborate and authentic bongs and even travel friendly, quick to set up compact bongs under the same roof. Many stores offer fun and quirky designs along with high accessibility and customisations. Many people who smoke weed on the regular use bongs as a way to express themselves

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