Four Reasons to Purchase a Pre-Owned Vehicle

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Around 75% of the 54,000,000 automobiles sold in the United States last year were second-hand. What’s the deal with the price difference between new and used? The following are four reasons why individuals prefer to use cars in Rancho Cordova:

  1. Reliability

Large engines, eccentric style, and collector value hallmarks of the 1960s-70s automobiles. Unfortunately, they also had several breakdowns. In the 1980s, with more competition from Asian automakers, the dependability of automobiles sold in the United States surged. The average age of America’s 254,000,000 automobiles is now over eleven years. Many automobiles over the last twenty-five years exhibit this dependability pattern. It implies that customers may buy a pre-owned vehicle that will serve them well for many years.

  1. Depreciation and Price

 The typical used automobile costs $15,000, less than half of that. The rapid depreciation rates that new models endure are one of the reasons for such a big price difference between the two types of vehicles. The rate of depreciation of cars slows as they get older. If you purchase a four-year-old model for half the sticker price, it will have a better relative value than a new one for a longer period.

  1. Safety

Safety systems and anti-lock brakes are the two most significant advancements in automotive safety in the previous thirty years. These characteristics were previously exclusively seen in high-end luxury vehicles, and both are now required in every automobile built for sale in the United States. Buyers of used cars now have a plethora of safe alternatives due to its broad application.

  1. Market

A new automobile may only be purchased from an authorized dealer by those in the market for one. The advantage of purchasing a used automobile is that the market is considerably larger, and you can purchase from individuals, second-hand car lots, or dealerships. This broader market allows customers to compare costs more easily, and it also means that costs are more adjustable due to the competition.


Finally, regardless of what brand or model you choose for your future vehicle, you should purchase it second-hand. For instance, used cars in Rancho Cordova offer a lower beginning cost and a lower depreciation rate. It can equal the dependability and safety of brand new machines while being offered in a larger range of markets.


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