The various products and laser treatments for acne

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Early pimples are the most common that can be noted in teenagers. The excess accumulation of the oil, bacteria along with dead skin will be pushed deep into the skin which mainly leads to inflammation where small and red bumps can be noted. Acne treatment in Singapore provides the best solution to treat acne.

Use of laser treatment for acne:

The most common form of acne treatment is the erbium-based YAG lasers which use carbon dioxide-based lasers as well as the pulsed form of dye lasers. Each of them works in a specific way which mainly targets treating acne and scarring.

The ablative form of laser resurfacing mainly uses the laser based on carbon dioxide. This mainly aims to remove the top layer of the skin which has scarring and is done for three to ten days before the redness begins to subside.

The non-ablative form of laser resurfacing uses infrared lasers to treat acne. It helps to stimulate collagen production and makes it possible for the growth of the new cell by replacing the damaged cell and scarred tissue.

Fractionated form of laser treatment mainly aims to stimulate the tissue underneath the scar to take out the cells which are responsible for treating the pigmented skin layer. Boxcar as well as the icepack form of scars can be treated with this kind of laser treatment.

Acne treatment in Singapore

Targeted areas for treatment:

The laser treatment for acne mainly focuses on the face. Along with the face the treatment is also given to the acne that appears on the arms, back, neck, and upper torso.


There is various kind of products like cream and solution for treating acne. There is various form of the gel form of cleanser to treat the acne that is seen in the oil skin. This gel cleanser will help to remove the excess sebum and serve as an anti-bacterial-based agent which is useful to overcome inflammation.

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