The study of the circadian rhythm led to the development of a synthetic medication

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This synthetic drug is called SR9009, also referred to as Stenabolic. It was seen to improve mice’s weight, cholesterol levels, and inflammation, increase their endurance and decrease their anxiety. Additionally, mice had much-reduced levels of cholesterol. If these effects were shown to exist in persons, they would be analogous to some of the benefits of exercise on one’s health. On the other hand, human subjects have never been used in any metabolic studies! In addition, the possible negative implications have not been thoroughly investigated.

SR9009, also known as Stenabolic, is referred to as a “selective androgen receptor modulator” or “SARM.”  Medicines that bind to androgen receptors to deliver anabolic advantages while avoiding androgenic drawbacks are known as selective androgen receptor modulators or sarms for short.

Because the FDA has not yet granted its blessing for using sarms in clinical settings, there are presently no clinical applications for them. Even though the FDA has not given them the go-ahead to continue purchasing and utilizing sarms, bodybuilders and athletes will not cease doing so.

This molecule does double duty by stimulating and activating Rev-Erba

The stimulation will ultimately increase the metabolic activity of the mitochondria. Consequently, one’s physical stamina, endurance, and ability to move will improve.

Athletes and bodybuilders are interested in acquiring this product primarily for this reason since it is the most compelling argument in their favor. It has the potential to dramatically enhance one’s endurance as well as their capacity to eliminate fat in their body. When we look at the findings of the tests on animals using SR9009, we find that it increases the animals’ capacity for engaging in physical activity.

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