Pros of buying used cars: a summary

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Here is a summary of the pros and cons of buying a used car :


The purchase price is lower than for a new car and the depreciation slower – the previous owner has already absorbed the effect of the depreciation over the first two years of the car’s life.

If the car has been used little, it may still be under warranty or have specific service programs – many manufacturers guarantee the car for 5 years or 100,000 kilometers; Hyundai was the first and extended the warranty to 7 years or 200,000 kilometers used cars in miami.

You can use the car freely and not always be on edge like new ones – in the case of scratches or dents, some stains on the upholstery, especially if you have children or transport animals, you can walk over them in style.

You can buy a safer, roomier, more powerful, better equipped and bigger car for the same price as a new, lower segment.

If you buy a second-hand car from a dealer with a guaranteed used program , the car is almost as good as new, with long-term service programs.

If you alter cars oftentimes (for two years), utilized cars earn more significance cause used vehicles miss significance more gradually.

If you buy a car from a private individual, there are less start-up costs

Insurance is much cheaper. Bonus!

Things to know

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of buying a used car?

Buying a used car certainly proves to be convenient compared to a new model because it will not suffer the immediate depreciation of the VAT equal to 22%. One of the disadvantages of second- hand is represented by the difficulty of finding real bargains . Finding models that have been perfectly maintained by the previous owner takes time and a bit of luck.

Used or new? How to choose?

The first element to take into consideration is the budget available. On the basis of this data, it will be possible to evaluate whether to lean towards the new one or buy a used car, perhaps of a higher category with options and more inviting engines. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand what use the car will be used for, how many kilometers it will cover annually and how long you will want to keep the car before reselling it.

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